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    The Global Fund began with a dream: a dream of creating a “war chest” of funding that would support the fight against AIDS, TB and malaria. Today that dream is a reality. Programs supported by the Global Fund, as of July 2015, have 8.1 million people on antiretroviral therapy for AIDS, have tested and treated 13.2 million people for TB, and have distributed 548 million insecticide-treated nets to protect families against malaria.

    While these numbers represent tremendous efforts made by technical partners and implementers around the world, and countries have made significant progress against targets, in and of themselves these indicators do not provide a view of the “big picture.” For this reason, the Global Fund does not simply count outcomes (numbers of people treated or of interventions carried out) and is also measuring and reporting the impact on the diseases.

    Reporting on impact means looking at such metrics as morbidity and mortality rates, coverage rates (percentage of total population served) and treatment success rates. As these measures are typically reported at a national or international level, any impact cannot be attributed to a single donor or program; the Global Fund is one contributor, along with many partners, effecting these changes.

    The Global Fund regularly publishes the results achieved by the programs it supports in more than 140 countries. The Global Fund collects, standardizes and aggregates data across a list of indicators which cover prevention, treatment and care interventions for the three diseases. The Local Fund Agents play a key role in this process, as they are often tasked with reviewing programmatic information such as the quality of the data reported by countries. Their work can include checks on the implementation of programs as well as verifying data not only at the national level but also down to the local delivery sites, as needed.

    Strategies to fight AIDS, TB and malaria are working, and millions of lives are being saved. Together with partners we can do great things.