• Eligibility criteria

    First-line buyers for AMFm include international, regional and national buyers who purchase ACTs directly from the manufacturer, or procurement agents buying on their behalf. Eligible buyers may be from the public, private for-profit and not-for-profit sectors. Principal Recipients of Global Fund grants may be first-line buyers for AMFm.

    In order to be eligible to purchase co-paid ACTs through AMFm, a first-line buyer must:

    • hold all licenses, waivers or other approvals necessary to export, import, sell and/or distribute co-paid ACTs, as required, within the participating country.
    • sign a standard non-negotiable undertaking, in which the buyer agrees, among other things:
      • to abide by the goals and objectives of AMFm and, in particular, to apply a reasonable margin on the prices of AMFm co-paid ACTs;
      • to sell co-paid ACTs only within countries participating in AMFm Phase 1; and
      • to allow the Global Fund and its agents access to staff, facilities and records to conduct reviews, as appropriate 

    The first-line buyer undertaking template (available soon).

    First-line buyers for AMFm may order eligible ACTs from participating pharmaceutical manufacturers.

    A list of first-line buyers [ PDF - 79 KBEnglish ] who have signed undertakings is updated monthly and available for download.