Applying for Funding

  • Application Materials

    Requests for funding are submitted by individual countries in the form of a concept note.

    Here are all of the forms, guidelines and instructions that the Country Coordinating Mechanism will need to complete their concept notes. If eligible, countries submit individual or combined concept notes for each of the three diseases and health systems strengthening. Countries with a high co-infection rate of TB and HIV are required to develop a concept note for a combined TB/HIV program.

    The forms are for your information. When the Country Coordinating Mechanism is ready to submit, the concept note is submitted using the Global Fund’s online Grant Management Platform. This will include the narrative sections, the core tables, information regarding the eligibility requirements and the endorsements.

    Exceptions can be made to allow Country Coordinating Mechanisms to submit this information via email, but only under certain limited circumstances and only with prior approval of the Global Fund. Please contact your Fund Portfolio Manager for information.

    Note that multicountry applicants have their own application materials. See the multicountry applicant page for more.