Photo of the Week: Suffering from Malaria Becoming a Thing of the Past

Posted on: 05 July 2012 | Photo of the Week

Suffering from Malaria Becoming a Thing of the Past

In the past, everyone in Nenelin's family used to get infected with malaria at least once a year. She would burn dried coconut shells placed around their remote farmhouse to keep the mosquitoes away, but this method didn’t prevent the family from getting sick. A case of malaria during her second pregnancy put both Nenelin and her baby at great risk, given reduced immunity to the disease during pregnancy. A few years ago, a program supported by the Global Fund began to distribute free insecticide-treated bed nets in this remote region of the Philippines. As a result, Nenelin’s family no longer fall ill from malaria, and Nenelin can be confident that the third child she’s expecting will be protected.

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