• Fifteeth Board Meeting

    Geneva, 25-27 April 2007

    At this meeting, the Board elected a new chair and vice chair. It also considered a number of important issues for the future direction of the Global Fund and the fight against the three diseases, including provisions for strengthening the role of civil society and the private sector in the Global Fund’s work, a new policy for accommodating restricted financial contributions to the Global Fund, and the implementation of a new program aimed at generating additional resources through the conversion of national debt.

    • Press release from the Board Meeting
    • Decision Points
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    • Decision Points on the size of the Global Fund
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    • Report of the Executive Director
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    • Remarks by Dr. Michel Kazatchkine, new Executive Director
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    • Remarks by Dr. Carol Jacobs, Chair of the Board
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    • Remarks by Dr. Lieve Fransen, Vice-Chair of the Board
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    • Reports requested at the 15th Board Meeting: Comprehensive Account of the Reports Related to the Credit Suisse Account
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    Meeting Documents