• Thirtieth Board Meeting

    Geneva, Switzerland, 7-8 November 2013

    The Board of the Global Fund held its Thirtieth Meeting from the 7th to the 8th of November in Geneva, Switzerland.

    The Board focused its deliberations on two main issues. The Board approved a revision of the Policy on Eligibility Criteria, Counterpart Financing Requirements and Prioritization of Proposals for Funding (ECFP) in preparation for the launch of a new funding model in March 2014.

    The Board also agreed on a corporate Key Performance Indicator framework to track the progress of the Global Fund over the 2014-2016 period. The framework was developed through consultations with implementers, technical partners and donors

    The Board also approved a new leadership for its standing committees, as well as a revision to the Whistle-blowing policy underlining that all Global Fund stakeholders, including Secretariat staff, Local Fund Agents, Principal Recipients, Country Coordinating Mechanisms members, and Board members, have a duty to report misconduct occurring in relation to any of the Global Fund’s activities.

    Board Decisions

    News Release

    • Global Fund Board Predicts Strong Replenishment

    Meeting Documents

    Document Number


    GF/B30/02 Report of the Twenty-Ninth Board Meeting
    download [ PDF - 304 KBEnglish ]
    GF/B30/03 Report of the Executive Director
    download [ PDF - 275 KBEnglish ]
    GF/B30/04 Office of the Inspector General Progress Report – June To October 2013
    download [ PDF - 1 MBEnglish ]
    GF/B30/05 Leadership of The Committees of the Global Fund Board
    download [ PDF - 117 KBEnglish ]
    GF/B30/06 New Funding Model: Eligibility, Counterpart Financing and Prioritization Policy Revision
    download [ PDF - 706 KBEnglish ]


    The Global Fund Corporate Key Performance Indicator Framework for 2014-2016
    download [ PDF - 248 KBEnglish ]
    GF/B30/08 Report of the Ethics Official
    download [ PDF - 146 KBEnglish ]
    GF/B30/10 Finance and Operational Performance Committee Decisions and Recommendations to the Board
    download [ PDF - 221 KBEnglish ]
    GF/B30/11 Strategy, Investment, and Impact Committee Decisions and Recommendations to the Board
    download [ PDF - 148 KBEnglish ]
    GF/B30/12 Audit and Ethics Committee Decisions and Recommendations to the Board
    download [ PDF - 295 KBEnglish ]

    Electronic Decision Points 19 June 2013 – 6 November 2013
    download [ PDF - 246 KBEnglish ]