• Twenty-Sixth Board Meeting

    Geneva, Switzerland, 10-11 May 2012

    The Board of the Global Fund considered four main issues at its 26th Meeting.

    The Board considered a new financial forecast that $1.6 billion is available for funding for the 2012-14 period, and voted to implement available funds in effective programs that save lives, accelerating implementation of the Board’s ambitious strategy.

    The Board also directed Global Fund staff to continue to work closely with civil society, affirming the central role of civil society partners in identifying the arenas where services are most seriously needed and in implementing grants for maximum effect.

    The Board considered the ’55 percent rule’ that was adopted last year to try to drive resources toward places with the greatest need and least ability to address epidemics. The Board noted unintended consequences and some negative impact, and directed Global Fund staff to further analyze the 55 percent rule, and to make a recommendation at another Board meeting later this year. Until that time, the Board decided to freeze the implementation of a 75 percent ceiling on grant renewal funding for Lower-Middle Income countries and above.

    The Board launched a selection process for the appointment of a new Executive Director, agreeing that the committee will provide a short-list of up to four candidates worldwide for the position. The selected committee members are: Don Baxter, Agnes Binagwaho, Karlo Boras, Nils Dauliaire, Mireille Guigaz and Masaki Noke.

    Meeting Documents

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    Report of the General Manager
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    Office of the Inspector General Progress Report
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    Executive Director Selection Process
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    Forecast of Uncommitted Assets - Revision 1
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    Global Fund Annual Report 2011
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    Trustee Report
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    Report of the Twenty-Fifth Board Meeting
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    Strategy, Investment, and Impact Committee Decisions and Recommendations to the Board
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    Finance and Operational Performance Committee Decisions and Recommendations to the Board
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    Continuing the Board's Strategic Governance Reform Program - Phase 2
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    Electronic Decision Points (23 November 2011 - 9 May 2012)
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    Report of Retreat of the Board
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    List of Participants
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