• Business Solicitations

    Thank you for your interest in the Global Fund to fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria. We are currently inviting offers for the Request for Proposals (RFP) listed below. Prospective bidders with different organizational or individual profiles from those required by currently advertised RFPs should visit the Global Fund web site regularly. Proposals should be for specific RFP’s for which proposals meet all the listed criteria.

    List of Current Solicitations

  • # Expires On Type of Solicitation Title / Downloads
    TGF-14-040 2014-09-12 RFP

    Antiretroviral Medicines (“ARVs”)

    TGF-14-048 2014-08-04 RFI

    Principal Recipient audit services in Central African Republic

    TGF-14-043 2014-08-29 RFP

    Local Fund Agent (LFA) Services for Guinea Bissau

    TGF-14-039 2014-08-05 RFP

    Sous-traitance de services généraux

    TGF-14-045 2014-08-07 RFP

    Local Fund Agent (LFA) Services for Ghana

    TGF-14-038 2014-06-12 RFP

    Review of Travel-Related Policies and Practices

    TGF-14-031 2014-06-06 REOI

    Request for Expressions of Interest: Advancement of Global Fund Ethics and Integrity Framework (including Annex 1: “First Phase Ethics Report" entitled White Paper - Developing a holistic Ethics Framework for the Global Fund).

    TGF-14-034 2014-05-26 RFP

    Review of the Green Light Committee Agreement Between the Global Fund and WHO

    TGF-14-014 2014-05-30 RFI

    HIV Viral Load and Early Infant Diagnosis Technologies

    TGF-14-010 2014-06-30 RFP

    Artemisinin Based Combination Therapies

    TGF-14-027 2014-05-06 RFP

    Technical Assistance On Community Systems Strengthening, Human Rights Gender, And Key Population Engagement