Country Coordinating Mechanism

  • Technical Assistance Providers to Support CCM Eligibility and Performance Assessment Process

    Country Coordinating Mechanisms (CCMs) should perform their CCM Eligibility and Performance Assessment (EPA) with the support of a Technical Assistance (TA) provider and communicate the outcome to the Global Fund Secretariat.

    This self-assessment has to be conducted before the submission of the funding request as it allows CCMs to have time to complete it thoroughly, and course-correct as necessary,  before submission of a funding request which maximizes their chances of success.

    Demonstrated success in complying with the six CCM Eligibility Requirements (and Minimum Standards as of January 1 2015) will ensure that these CCMs will be granted a CCM Eligibility Clearance (valid for one year from the assessment to submit any funding request), allowing CCMs dedicate resources to the Country Dialogue and funding request development stages.

    Please contact your FPM to determine the best approach to completing the EPA. A shortlist of Technical Assistance providers who can help you with your self-assessment is below:

    Regional Coordinating Mechanisms (RCMs) should request support through your FPM to complete the EPA.

    TA Provider Terms of Reference for EPA Facilitation

    A generic ToR for TA Provider facilitation of the CCM Eligibility and Performance Assessment is available here: