• Funding Model

    The Global Fund’s funding model enables strategic investment for maximum impact. It provides implementers with flexible timing, better alignment with national strategies and predictability on the level of funding available. There is active engagement with implementers and partners throughout the funding application and grant implementation to ensure greater global impact.

    See Funding Process and Steps for more information on the different steps involved.

    TRP: Technical Review Panel
    GAC: Grant Approvals Committee

    Key features

    The funding model incorporates several features that determine the way applicants apply for and receive funding and then manage their grants. These key features are summarized below:

    Flexible timeline Eligible countries can apply at any point during the three year allocation period so that funding aligns with national budgeting cycles and country- specific demands.
    Simplicity A more streamlined concept note begins the process of applying for a grant.
    Shorter process overall
    Early feedback aims to reduce the time necessary for approval.
    Enhanced engagement The Global Fund engages in ongoing country dialogue with a focus on multi-stakeholder participation, prior to Board approval of grants.
    Improved predictability of funding All eligible countries receive a country allocation. The Global Fund Secretariat adjusts these amounts to account for implementers’ circumstances.