Monitoring & Evaluation

  • Guideline Notes & Tools

    Core list of indicators

    The Global Fund, together with its technical partners, has selected a small standardized set of core indicators that will be used to report progress and success of national programs. These core indicators are not new, but are drawn from existing monitoring and evaluation guidance put forth by partners. This section provides a summary list of indicators to be used in the Global Fund grants.

    Indicator Guidance sheets

    The indicator guidance sheets provide operational guidance on indicator measurement for the three diseases including relevant information for data collection, reporting and developing the performance frameworks for Global Fund grants.

    Measurement Guidance

    The Measurement Guidance describes the key principles applied by the Global Fund to ensure strategic planning and investments and measurement of progress of its supported programmes. It includes an overview of the indicators and measurement related requirements over the grant cycle. The guidance provides information for the development of quality performance frameworks in a consistent manner across the Global Fund portfolio of grants.

    M&E Framework for Grants with Insufficient Coverage Indicators

    Alongside supporting the initiatives for developing common indicators and approaches to measuring progress of interventions that require both quantitative and qualitative measures, the Global Fund has developed a simplified M&E framework for the modules such as- Community Systems Strengthening (CSS), Removing Legal Barriers to Access, some modules under Health Systems Strengthening (HSS) such as policy and governance. In addition, it may also be applied to other disease and HSS interventions under various modules to track progress on grant implementation, for example, interventions addressing RMNCH linkages, gender inequalities, etc. This section provides guidance on measuring progress for modules and interventions in the Global Fund grants that do not have sufficient coverage indicators.

    Modular Template

    In preparing their applications to the Global Fund the applicants fill out the modular template by selecting the relevant modules, interventions, associated budgets and related indicators for which funding is being requested from the Global Fund. This section contains the template and the instructions for completing the modular template.

    Performance Framework

    The performance framework contains the goals, objectives, indicators and targets of the Global Fund grant. It forms part of the grant agreement and is the legal statement of the performance expected over the lifetime of the grant. This section contains the template and the instructions for completing the performance frameworks.

    Guidance note on Program Reviews and Epidemiological and Impact analysis

    Program reviews are important management tools. They provide program managers and other stakeholders with an opportunity to assess program performance, impact and lessons learnt during a specific time period and inform development of subsequent national strategic plans. The epidemiological and impact analysis should be integrated into the program or health sector reviews. This is accomplished by capitalizing on existing review processes to conduct a plausibility assessment of impact and examine whether programs are likely to have the intended impact. The health sector or disease specific program reviews present an opportunity to comprehensively assess the relevance of and progress on various health interventions together with the trends in disease burden.

    This section contains guidance documents on planning and conducting HIV, TB and malaria program reviews including epidemiological and impact analysis.

    Monitoring and Evaluation System Assessments

    A periodic M&E self-assessment (preferably every two to three years) of the national monitoring and evaluation systems is generally recommended to review the implementation status of the (national) monitoring and evaluation plan, to identify weaknesses and to build on existing efforts. This section of the website contains an overview of recommended M&E system strengthening assessment tools.

    M&E Plan

    The Global Fund requires a (national) monitoring and evaluation plan at the time of grant signing. The M&E plan is an essential document for a country which contains detailed information with regards to indicators, data management, data quality assurance, evaluations, M&E coordination, capacity building for M&E and an M&E budget/work plan. This section contains guidelines for developing or updating an M&E plan.

    Data Quality

    The Global Fund uses an On-Site Data Verification (OSDV) tool for the assessment of data quality. The aim of the OSDV tool is to assess the quality of reported programmatic results for specific grants and for the portfolio as a whole, and to improve accountability. The on-site data verification is conducted periodically by the Local Fund Agent (LFA) to verify data reported by the Principal Recipient on identified service delivery areas and at specified service delivery points. This section includes guidelines for LFAs for conducting On-Site Data Verification and the planning and reporting templates.

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