• Monitoring and Evaluation System Country Profile Tool

    Background: In April 2011, the Global Fund Operational Policy Committee (OPC) approved use of M&E Country Profiles as a mechanism for reviewing M&E capacities at the time of grant negotiation, and to identify M&E risks; and to follow-up on risk mitigation measures. The purpose of completing the Tool is to facilitate the following activities:

    • Risk mitigation: Early identify M&E risks and follow-up mitigation measures in the grant management process
    • M&E system strengthening: Support countries and leverage resource from partners for M&E system strengthening
    • Measurement of  M&E system improvements vis-à-vis investments

    Content: The Tool is designed to provide comprehensive and strategic information, as opposed to a project/PR focused approach, on M&E system at the time of new grant negotiation (PR assessment) and phase II/periodic review. In this regard, the tool has three parts: Part I: National M&E System - Health Sector; Part II: National M&E system - Disease program; and Part III: Principal Recipient M&E processes and capacity.

    In developing the tool, important M&E self-assessment tools have been reviewed, including: the HMN Assessment and tracking tools, the UNAIDS 12-component assessment tool and the Global Fund M&E System Strengthening tool. From each tool, important components that have strategic importance in M&E of grants and for building M&E capacity at country level are included.

    Completion process: M&E country profiles are completed by the Local Fund Agent (LFA) based on a review of relevant M&E documents, in consultation with in country partners. For conducting M&E self-assessments, countries and partners can use the tool that is more appropriate in the country context. The M&E self-assessment reports are among the important information sources for completing the M&E Country Profile. Other source documents LFA reviews for completing the M&E profile include: M&E plan, National Strategic Plan, and data quality assessment reports. The M&E profiles create opportunities to build partnership. In this regard, partners can fully or partially support completion of the M&E profile tool.

    Roll-out of the tool: The Tool is completed by LFA for all new grants and grants that are coming for phase II or periodic review. To ensure alignment with country processes, the Tool can also be completed at the time of national program or M&E review processes. Since completion of the Tool by LFA will be a new practice, the 2012 priority is as follows:

    • Mandatory for new grants or new PRs, and grants in High Impact countries with renewals in 2012;
    • For other grants, the Country Team determines the need for completion of the M&E Profile by LFA. For this category of countries, the need for completion of M&E profile by LFA are determined primarily based on grant amount and level of anticipated M&E risk.

    The M&E profile tool and guideline are available: