• Data and Service Quality Assessment

    The Global Fund uses an On-Site Data Verification (OSDV) tool for the assessment of data quality. The aim of the OSDV tool is to assess the quality of reported programmatic results for specific grants and for the portfolio as a whole, and to improve accountability. The on-site data verification is conducted periodically by the Local Fund Agent (LFA) to verify data reported by the Principal Recipient on identified service delivery areas and at specified service delivery points.

    The Rapid Service Quality Assessment (RSQA) is used to assess and improve the quality of services at country level, and to continuously build capacity in establishing and using quality improvement as an integral part of program implementation.  The objective is to have an overall assessment of the quality of services delivered under each national disease program. The RSQA tool assesses whether health services delivered are of an adequate quality, i.e. are implemented according to the latest internationally recognized and evidence-based technical policies and guidelines.

    OSDVs should, whenever possible, be administered in conjunction with the Rapid Service Quality Assessment (RSQA). Alignment of the two processes (OSDV and RSQA) should be done in terms of timing of implementation, site selection, and use of LFA experts

    The decision on which grant/disease program should conduct an OSDV and/or RSQA and the final number of sites to be visited will be agreed between the Global Fund and the LFA. Factors relevant to this decision include the risk profile of the country, volume of funding, the total number of sites, timing and cost implications of visiting certain sites, the individual grant situation and the judgment of the LFA and of the Global Fund.

    The LFA may also be asked to undertake an OSDV where there is a perceived data quality risk or doubts as to the accuracy of the data reported by the Principal Recipient. Ad hoc OSDVs may be proposed by LFAs or requested by the Global Fund at any time.

    The documents listed below provide guidance for conducting OSDV and RSQA including methodology for site selection, indicator selection and data quality rating.

    • LFA Guidelines for On-Site Data Verification and Rapid Service Quality Assessment implementation (July 2014)
      download [ PDF - 194 KB | English ]
    • OSDV Planning and Reporting Template (July 2014)
      download [ DOCX - 116 KB | English ]
    • OSDV Planning and Reporting Template User Guide (July 2014)
      download [ PDF - 194 KB | English ]
    • OSDV Excel-based template for computation of error and data quality rating (April 2014)
      download [ XLSX - 60 KB | English ]
    • RSQA HIV 
      download [ XLS - 2 MB | English ]
    • RSQA tuberculosis 
      download [ XLS - 1 MB | English ]
    • RSQA Malaria 
      download [ XLS - 1 MB | English ]