• Operational Research

    Operational research can be defined as any research, regardless of type, that produces knowledge with a practical application which can improve program implementation. The Global Fund encourages the inclusion of operational research in HIV/AIDS, TB and malaria control programs it supports, with a view also to tackling obstacles to scale-up. Programs are recommended to spend between 5 and 10 percent of their grant budget on monitoring and evaluation, which could include spending on relevant operational research.

    A framework document has been developed to assist program implementers, policymakers, researchers and others to identify the steps needed to formulate research questions, conduct operational research and, ultimately, use the findings to improve health programs. The Framework for Operations and Implementation Research in Health and Disease Control Programs is the result of a collaborative effort between the Global Fund, the Special Program for Research and Training in Tropical Diseases and a number of international partner organizations. The purpose of the document is twofold: i) to standardize the practice of operational research across the international health community, and ii) to integrate operational research into health and disease control programs.

    • Operational Research Framework - Toolkit for designing and managing operations research projects, and for using operational research findings for improving service quality and scale up
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