Monitoring & Evaluation

  • Monitoring and Evaluation System Assessments

    A periodic assessment (preferably every two to three years) of the national monitoring and evaluation system is generally recommended to review the implementation status of the national monitoring and evaluation plan, to identify weaknesses and to build on existing efforts. At the time of concept note submission, applicants are recommended to submit their national monitoring and evaluation plan including any M&E system strengthening activities and associated budget to address any challenges identified.

    These plans should be developed based on a thorough assessment process involving all relevant stakeholders of the program within the country. This process allows countries to include in the concept note resources required for filling gaps in the monitoring and evaluation system. Countries with active grants are recommended to perform a monitoring and evaluation assessment if the last one was conducted more than two to three years ago.

    Generally, the M&E system strengthening process includes: i) a periodic self-assessment of the national monitoring and evaluation system; ii) the development or review of the costed M&E plan including M&E system strengthening activities) based on the results of the self-assessment; iii) the implementation of the M&E plan; and iv) regular follow-up on the implementation status of the M&E plan.

    Monitoring and Evaluation System Assessment Tools

    Various tools are available to conduct a periodic self-assessment of the national monitoring and evaluation system. The table below provides an overview of the recommended M&E systems strengthening tools:

    Program component Description Available documents
    HIV For countries that are planning implementation of an HIV M&E assessment, it is recommended to use the UNAIDS 12-component assessment tool. This tool has been developed by UNAIDS in collaboration with partners, including the Global Fund. It has been piloted in three countries, validated by the HIV Monitoring and Evaluation Reference Group (MERG) and is recommended by UNAIDS for the assessment of the HIV M&E system. External links to Global HIV M&E Information web site (right click and "save as" in case you experience problems):
    Malaria/TB The monitoring and evaluation self-assessment tool developed by the Global Fund and partners enables countries to conduct a comprehensive assessment of the M&E system in the country. Malaria and Tuberculosis programs are recommended to use this tool in order to assess their M&E system.
    HSS Conducting an M&E systems strengthening assessment is not required for HSS grants. However for HSS programs that focus on strengthening the national health information system the Global Fund recommends the Health Matrix Network assessment tool for system strengthening. The Tool examines the integral components of a health information system and provides information on how to determine key areas of focus. External links to the World Health Organization web site (right click and "save as" in case you experience problems):