• Learning about M&E and Data Quality at the Global Fund

    The Global Fund has developed several self-paced training modules on data quality and on monitoring and evaluation in global fund-supported programs. Three modules on M&E cover the following topics:

    1. Monitoring and Evaluation Basics

    For those with no or little knowledge of monitoring and evaluation or as a refresher for others.
    English - French - Spanish

    2. Performance Based Funding and Monitoring and Evaluation

    For those who want to know more about performance-based funding in the Global Fund and its application in the area of monitoring and evaluation.
    English - French - Spanish

    3. The Performance Framework

    For those who are involved in supporting the monitoring and evaluation of Global Fund-supported programs.
    English - French - Spanish

    Completing each of the training modules takes about 3 hours.

    4. Data Quality

    Completion of the course takes around two hours. There are three modules: Data Quality at the Global Fund; Data Quality Strategy; and Data Quality Assessment Tools. The last module focuses especially on On-Site Data Verification and is particularly recommended for LFAs. A certificate is awarded on successful completion of a final course assessment.

    Note: This course needs to be downloaded and run on a computer using Windows. Users at the Global Fund must download the files to the Temp directory on their OSDisk.
    download [ ZIP - 3 MBEnglish ]