Statement in response to the article about the Global Fund by Associated Press, 13 May 2011

13 May 2011

The Global Fund has so far disbursed US$13.4 billion of which US$3 billion was disbursed in 2010, to more than 1,000 grants in 145 countries. We remain fully committed to accountability for the intentions, process, funding and results of our projects.

The Global Fund is proud of the thorough and unrelenting effort by its Inspector General to detect any misuse or other losses in our grants and welcome his program of on-going audits and investigations. When irregularities are identified, The Global Fund takes swift and firm action to stop misuse, recover losses and restart supported programs with new and solid structures and management so that we can continue the effort to save lives worldwide.

So far, more than 6.5 million lives have been saved through support from The Global Fund.


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