Global Fund Board establishes a Transitional Funding Mechanism to replace Round 11 and revises the application and approval process for renewals

01 December 2011

In order to protect the gains achieved and ensure that essential programs are maintained, the Global Fund Board has decided to take immediate and exceptional action by establishing a Transitional Funding Mechanism and revising the application and approval process for renewals.

Board decision - GF/B25/DP16

Transitional Funding Mechanism

To mitigate the impact of funding disruptions before a new funding model is rolled out under the new Strategy, the Board decided to establish a Transitional Funding Mechanism (TFM), replacing Round11. The TFM will provide funding for the continuation of essential prevention, treatment and/or care services for all three diseases currently financed by the Global Fund; no stand-alone, cross-cutting HSS requests will be permitted.

Funding requests will be limited to eligible applicants with current Global Fund grants facing program disruption between 1 January 2012 and 31 March 2014. The application deadline is 31 March 2012.

More detailed information on the Transitional Funding Mechanism is available on the TFM microsite.

Funding requests from countries participating in the Second Wave of National Strategy Applications (NSA) are also subject to the criteria of the TFM. 

Grant Renewals

In light of the current resource constraints, the Board decided to revise the application and approval process for grant renewals; and adapt related policies.

Amendments to grant renewals policies change the eligibility and requirements of applicants submitting a request for continued funding, and strengthen the current processes ensuring that a larger portion of funding goes to poorer countries.

More detailed information on the amendment of these policies and revisions to current processes can be found at the following Global Fund announcement.

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