Global Fund Praises Success of PEPFAR

18 June 2013

The Global Fund cited the broad successes of its close partner, the U.S. President's Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief, also known as PEPFAR, which today marked its tenth Anniversary.

U.S. Secretary of State John F. Kerry announced today that the one-millionth baby will be born HIV-free this month due to PEPFAR-supported prevention of mother-to-child transmission programs.

This announcement was something the world could only dream of ten years ago when PEPFAR was created, Secretary Kerry said. Over the years, science has produced more effective anti-retroviral regimens and these advances, when combined with lessons learned from years of program implementation, have enabled more effective delivery of PMTCT services. 

The Global Fund works closely with PEPFAR in many countries, targeting investments to support national programs to fight HIV and strongly encouraging country ownership and shared responsibility.

The success of PEPFAR, as well as efforts by the entire global community, including the great work done by the Global Fund, represents in truth a victory for the human spirit,” Secretary Kerry said. “And with the Global Fund replenishment happening this year, now is the time for all donors to join with the United States to support and strengthen the fund. The fight against HIV and AIDS shows what we can accomplish when we make the effort together, join hands, overcome the ideology and the politics, and really dedicate our hearts to win.

Secretary Kerry also stated that, according to an updated analysis by PEPFAR, 13 countries are at the programmatic tipping point in their AIDS epidemic - the point where the annual increase in adults on treatment is greater than the number of annual new adult HIV infections.

Secretary Kerry said that the remarkable progress is thanks to the combined and coordinated efforts of all partners in the fight against global AIDS.  By encouraging strong national leadership, and by making joint efforts, all partners are working together to move beyond this tipping point.

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