Global Fund Approves US$ 419.2 Million in New Grants to Finance Essential Services

28 August 2012

GENEVA – The Board of the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria has approved 45 new two-year grants, from 37 countries, totalling US$ 419.2 million, to fund essential prevention, treatment, and care services provided to the people affected by the three diseases.

Another 11 proposals worth a total of US$ 91.2 million were sent back for revision, and are subject to a further independent technical review before they can be approved.

The proposals approved on 24 August 2012 were part of the Transitional Funding Mechanism. The mechanism was established by the Global Fund Board in November 2011 on an exceptional basis to ensure that essential programs are not disrupted, at a time when there was uncertainty on the availability of resources. The approved funding will bridge the financing of essential interventions until the next opportunity to apply for grants.

"We are proud that this investment can assure continuation of live-saving services to countless patients,” said Gabriel Jaramillo, General Manager of the Global Fund.

A total of 48 applicants presented 61 proposals. They were analysed by an independent Technical Review Panel. Unlike regular grant proposals, which can last five years, the requests were limited to a two-year period. Five proposals were not approved because they did not meet the Transitional Funding Mechanism requirements, namely the need to include the continuation of essential services and that disruption of these services occurs between 1 January 2012 and 31 March 2014.

For the list of proposals, see the following:

Funding Decisions (


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