• Government Donors

    Funding from donor governments continues to represent the largest source of income for the Global Fund. As of December 2012, pledges from the public sector of US$ 28.8 billion represent 95 percent of all pledges to the Global Fund since its inception in 2002. Pledges from the private sector and from innovative financing initiatives constitute the remaining 5 percent (or US$ 1.7 billion).

    For 2002 up to 2015, 54 donor governments have pledged US$ 28.8 billion and paid in US$ 24 billion. Of all public sector contributions in 2012, 95 percent was paid in by 17 OECD Development Assistance Committee members. The remaining 5 percent was provided collectively by nine additional donor governments. Four countries also contribute to the Global Fund through the debt swaps agreed with donor governments under the Debt2Health initiative.

    Donors meeting in New York for the Third Replenishment Pledging Conference, 4-5 October 2010, announced funding of US$ 10.4 billion for the Global Fund for the years 2011-2013. This represents a 6 per cent increase compared to the funding outcome announced during the Second Replenishment in 2007. US$ 9.8 billion of the total pledged is expected from the public sector. These financial resources will allow the Global Fund to further support countries as they work to meet the Millennium Development Goals for health.

    Donor governments are represented on the Global Fund’s Board, which meets at least twice annually. Of the 20 Board Members with voting rights, eight represent donor government constituencies.