• Private Sector and Non-government Partners

    As a public-private partnership, the Global Fund presents an unprecedented opportunity for private sector and non-government partners to make contributions that have a significant impact on the fight against AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria.

    Since the Global Fund’s inception, businesses, corporations and social enterprises through to philanthropic foundations and individuals have contributed to the work of the organization in a variety of ways.

    • Financial contributions and Marketing campaigns
    • Pro bono services and core competency partnerships
    • Support for advocacy and governance, globally and locally
    • In-country co-investments and operational contributions

    The leading consumer marketing initiative to finance HIV/AIDS programs in Africa through the Global Fund
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    Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
    A key partner of the Global Fund for financing, governance and advocacy
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    The first corporate champion financing grants in selected countries
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    BHP Billiton Sustainable Communities
    Global Fund Corporate Champion partner funding grants in Mozambique
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    Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited
    A corporate endowment to support health workers’ capacity development in Africa
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    The Coca-Cola Company
    Sharing skills, saving lives. Leveraging business innovations to improve delivery of lifesaving drugs
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    Goodbye Malaria
    Partnering with businesses to fight diseases and create jobs in Africa
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    Comic Relief
    A longstanding partner supporting malaria and strengthening of health systems programmes
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    Global Fund partner supports malaria programs in Malawi and Mozambique
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    United Methodist Church and Lutheran Malaria Initiative
    The largest fundraising initiative supported by faith-based groups for the Global Fund
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    United Nations Foundation
    Supporting Global Fund’s philanthropic initiatives
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    Gift From Africa
    A platform for Africa-based philanthropic contributions to the Global Fund
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    United Against Malaria
    An alliance of health and advocacy organizations, football teams, foundations and corporations that supports malaria programs in Africa
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    Standard Bank
    Providing financial and management expertise to Global Fund grant recipients
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