• Chevron

    Since January 2008, Chevron Corporation has partnered with The Global Fund to direct US$ 60 million to Global Fund-supported programs in Africa and the Pacific Rim.

    Chevron is the Global Fund’s inaugural Corporate Champion.

    Chevron's support has been directed to specific grants in seven Global Fund recipient countries in Africa and Asia – including Angola, Nigeria, South Africa, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam and the Philippines.  Chevron’s partnership with these Global Fund principal recipients focuses on capacity development initiatives, joint advocacy and communications campaigns, and other local initiatives. In addition, Chevron encourages staff members in these countries to share their skills with the local programs to assist them in improving grant reach and performance.

    In 2010, Chevron announced the 2nd phase of its partnership with the Global Fund by committing $25 million to fight HIV/AIDS and PMTCT in Angola, South Africa, Thailand, and Vietnam. At The Global Fund’s December 2013 Replenishment Conference in Washington D.C., the company pledged an additional $5 million to specifically support prevention of mother-to-child transmission of HIV/AIDS services in Nigeria. This two-year contribution raises Chevron’s overall investment in the organization to $60 million over eight years, making it The Global Fund’s largest single corporate partner. Chevron’s support of The Global Fund has contributed to 8.7 million lives saved.

    “Increasingly, private sector companies like Chevron recognize that the health of their business is inextricably linked to the health of the communities where they operate,” said Mark Dybul, Executive Director of the Global Fund. “Beyond providing financial resources, Chevron has introduced local capacity-building initiatives, as well as advocacy and communication activities that amplify our impact in defeating diseases like HIV, TB and malaria.”

    Mark Dybul, Executive Director of The Global Fund

    The Global Fund Corporate Champions Program is an integrated platform for companies to make a significant financial commitment to the fight against AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria. These companies recognize that investing through The Global Fund's performance-based grant-making model is an efficient and impactful way to sustain healthy communities around the globe.