Partnership Forum 2015

  • Overview

    The Partnership Forum is an innovative approach to consultation with a broad range of stakeholders, moving beyond the usual participants to reach those who are not normally involved in Global Fund processes.

    In 2015, three Partnership Forum meetings were held in Addis Ababa (Ethiopia) in May, in Bangkok (Thailand) in July, and in Buenos Aires (Argentina) in September. The focus of these meetings was to develop input for the next Global Fund strategy, which will cover the period 2017-2021. The recommendations which come out of these meetings have been submitted to the Board through its Strategy, Investment and Impact Committee.

    These meetings were the culmination of an ongoing process of communication, including online discussions on the Global Fund’s e-Forum, consultations led by our technical partners, and a variety of internal and external discussions. 

    The Global Fund E-Forum 2015

    The Partnership Forum forms part of the Global Fund’s governance structure.

    "When we divide money equally, we actually enable inequity and make it worse. We have to focus on the people and the groups that need the most attention. The strategy has to be smart. We have to direct the money where it can be most effective."
    Dr. Ruth Labode,
    Member of Parliament in Zimbabwe
    "The Global Fund must get real, it must put communities affected by the diseases at the center of the response. The new strategy should leave no one behind, no one at all. It must focus on the people not the countries. These diseases are not about countries, they are about people.”
    Phelister Abdallah,
    Kenyan Sex Worker Alliance, Representative of Communities and persons living with the three diseases
    "In creating the strategy, we need to keep our eyes on the horizon. We cannot stay narrow. We need to ask the question 'what is the role of the Global Fund beyond the next five years?'"
    Anita Asiimwe,
    Vice-Chair of the Strategy, Impact and Investment Committee of the Global Fund Board