• Partnership Forum

    Characterized by inclusiveness, the Global Fund is governed by a broad range of groups: from governments and not for profit organizations, to communities affected by the three diseases, and the Private Sector.

    As one of the four integral pillars of the Fund’s governance framework (joining the Board, the Secretariat and the Technical Review Panel), the Partnership Forum reaches out to an even wider audience of stakeholders, including those who are not normally involved in Global Fund processes.

    Demonstrating the continuing innovation of the Global Fund, the Partnership Forum is an innovative model of consultation and broad discussion rather than a single ‘event’. While culminating in a Partnership Forum meeting every 24 – 30 months, recommendations start to take their shape from on-line discussions, partner-led consultations, and a variety of internal and external discussions.

    Recommendations from each Partnership Forum provide guidance and input to the Board through its Strategy, Investment and Impact Committee directly contributing to the Global Fund’s strategic direction and implementation framework.

    Partnership Forum Core Functions

    From the Global Fund’s By-Laws [ PDF - 193 KBEnglish ], the four primary functions of the Partnership Forum are:

    • Review progress based on reports from the Board and provide advice to the Global Fund on general policies;
    • Provide an important and visible platform for debate, advocacy, continued fundraising, and inclusion of new partners;
    • Mobilize and sustain high-level coordination, political commitment and momentum to achieve the Global Fund’s objectives; and
    • Provide a communication channel for those stakeholders who are not formally represented elsewhere in the governance structure

    Partnership Forum Themes and Leadership

    The overall theme and content of each Partnership Forum consultation is determined by a Steering Committee of up to 11 persons. Membership of the Steering Committee is drawn from the Global Fund’s Board Constituencies, having regard to principles of gender, geographic and partnership sector diversity, to bring to each Forum a breadth of skills and innovation that supports robust recommendations.

  • The Global Fund and Its Core Structures

    Section 2: Core Structures

    download [ PDF - 2 MBEnglishFrançais ]

    The core structures which make up the Global Fund business model, with their key functions, roles and responsibilities, along with an overview of the Secretariat organizational structure