• Partnership Forum 2008

    Listening to the Voices: Stronger and More Effective Partnership for Sustained Impact

    The Global Fund is a partnership between governments, civil society, the private sector, affected communities and technical partners. This partnership informs the division of labor between the Global Fund and other international, multilateral, bilateral and national actors, and is expressed at the different levels of the Global Fund’s work: in the way proposals are developed and programmes are implemented at the country level, and the way in which policy, operational and funding decisions are taken in the Global Fund’s governing bodies.

    Discussions at Partnership Forum 2008 aimed to identify ways to further improve the way in which the different public and private partners of the Global Fund on the national, regional and global levels work together. They focused on

    One of the major points of reference for these discussions was the results of the Five-Year Evaluation, an external assessment of the Global Fund which is currently underway.

    In 2008, the Partnership Forum consisted of

    • The e-Forum, which from April and until early October provided an opportunity for everyone interested in the work of the Global Fund to have their voice heard on the issues that concern the Global Fund today;
    • discussions at a broad range of conferences and meetings throughout the year where we introduced the Partnership Forum and discussed the themes it took up this year; and
    • meeting on 8-10 December in Dakar, Senegal, where around 500 delegates discussed the issues raised throughout the year.