Private & NGO Partners

  • Standard Bank

    In 2008, the Global Fund entered into a pro bono partnership with Standard Bank, Africa’s largest banking group in terms of market capitalization, assets and geographic coverage across the continent of Africa.

    Through this partnership, Standard Bank and the Global Fund are collaborating to enhance financial management skills of Principal Recipients, responsible for implementing Global Fund grants, and Sub-Recipients, responsible for implementing programs supported by the Global Fund in Africa.

    Initially, the partnership focused on supporting Principal Recipients and Sub-Recipients with the timely distribution of resources in-country and with reporting requirements. This included the provision of a range of financial advisory services as well as training workshops in Swaziland, Lesotho and Nigeria.

    As part of a new partnership agreement signed in April 2015, Standard Bank is continuing with the development of financial advisory and training initiatives across multiple African countries, but also collaborating to leverage its customer and employee networks to strategically support the fundraising and advocacy objectives of the Global Fund. This expanded role will further enhance Standard Bank’s impact in supporting the fight against the three diseases and contributing to Africa’s development.