• Technical Review Panel

    To support the Global Fund in financing effective programs, the Board relies on an independent panel of international experts: the Technical Review Panel (TRP).

    The TRP comprises the Chair, two Vice-Chairs and a pool of experts. The current Chair of the TRP is Dr Lucie Blok (Netherlands). Dr Evelyn Ansah (Ghana) and Dr Subhash Hira (India) are the Vice-Chairs.

    The TRP consists of experts in HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, malaria, health systems, community systems and cross-cutting development issues. The primary function of the TRP is to review funding requests for technical merit and strategic focus and to make funding recommendations.

    In addition to the technical review of funding requests, as an advisory body to the Global Fund Board, the TRP plays an important role in the Global Fund’s strategy development and implementation. Following reviews, the TRP provides lessons learned and recommendations. The Chair of the TRP is an ex-officio member of the Strategy, Investment and Impact Committee.