Technical Review Panel

  • Recruitment

    The 2016 call for applications has been closed.

    The Global Fund Board relies on the Technical Review Panel to ensure that Global Fund investments are strategically focused and aligned to the Global Fund’s Strategy.

    Qualifications required to serve on the Technical Review Panel

    The panel’s expertise spans HIV, TB, malaria, resilient and sustainable systems for health, community systems strengthening, human rights, gender, strategic investments, sustainable financing and transition, challenging operating environments and emergency settings.

    In addition to sound and up-to-date overall technical expertise, experts must have broad experience and understanding of

    • program development
    • programming at the country level
    • key issues that impact implementation capacity in developing countries and challenging environments.

    The Global Fund is looking for candidates who will add diversity in terms of their areas of expertise as well as their geographical and sectoral experience.

    Recruitment process

    The TRP is replenished periodically and as the need arises. The recruitment and selection of TRP members is managed by the Board’s Strategy Committee using an open, transparent and criteria-based process, through a public call for applications. If you are interested in applying, please contact: . The Secretariat will contact you when a new recruitment process is opening.

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