• Recruitment Process

    The Board relies on the TRP to ensure Global Fund investments are strategically focused and aligned to the Global Fund’s Strategy 2012-16. The TRP consists of experts in HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, malaria and health systems, community systems, and cross-cutting development issues. The primary function of the TRP is to review funding requests for technical merit and strategic focus, and make funding recommendations.

    Recruitment process

    The TRP pool of experts is replenished from time to time. The recruitment and selection of TRP members is managed by the Board’s Strategy, Investment and Impact Committee (SIIC) using an open, transparent and criteria-based process, through a public call for applications.

    2013 is the year when new TRP members are being recruited. The call is now closed and final decisions have been made by the Strategy, Implementation and Impact Committee in November.

    What sort of candidate is selected?

    The Global Fund looks for candidates with expertise in HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria prevention, care and treatment, as well as cross-cutting and health systems areas applicable to program implementation in resource-constrained settings.

    The following aspects are critical for being a TRP member:

    1. sound and up-to date overall technical expertise;
    2. broad experience and understanding of programing realities on ground;
    3. excellent technical judgment and ability to work in a panel of diverse experts to engage in robust debate and arrive at consensus; and
    4. willingness to devote their time to make a change and ability to serve in an independent, personal capacity, and not represent the interest of an institution or constituency in order to ensure impartial judgment.

    In order to continue to draw from senior experts who have an overall broad understanding of the diseases, programming at country level, and key issues that impact implementation capacity, the recruitment of experts in very specialist areas is avoided.

    For more information, please see ‘TRP Member Profile’ [ PDF - 165 KBEnglish ] and FAQs [ PDF - 111 KBEnglish ].