Applying for Funding


Funding from the Global Fund is available in three-year periods, known as “allocation periods” or “funding cycles.” For the current 2017-2019 allocation period, funding is available in two forms: country and multicountry.

Country funding

The Global Fund designates most funding to country allocations. Applying for funding allocated to countries is the responsibility of the Country Coordinating Mechanism, which is a national committee that includes representatives of all sectors. Through the Country Coordinating Mechanism, each country that receives an allocation submits funding requests for eligible disease components on behalf of the country as a whole.

Countries with an allocation are now submitting their funding requests during the defined submission windows for the 2017-2019 period. See our Funding Request Submissions & Status page for more.

Differentiated applications

The Global Fund recognizes the needs and situation in every country are different. We support countries with a population of tens of thousands and a high HIV burden through to countries with a population of tens of millions and a moderate malaria burden. So, for the 2017-2019 period, we introduced a differentiated application process, which allows high-quality applications to be developed efficiently.

There are three types of country applications:

  • Program continuation applications
  • Tailored review applications
  • Full review applications

Further information is available on the Funding Applications page.

Multicountry funding

The Global Fund serves the needs of countries, but diseases don’t respect borders, and sometimes the most effective solution is one that brings together several countries or regions. Through multicountry funding, we aim to address a limited number of key multicountry priorities not able to be addressed through country allocations alone.

See Multicountry Funding Applications for more information.

Seeking funding

If you are an organization seeking funding for your project or program, your first step is to contact the Country Coordinating Mechanism for your country. The Global Fund accepts funding applications for a country’s allocation amount from Country Coordinating Mechanisms. You can find contact details by selecting your country on the list under the “Where We Invest” tab at the top of this page. We are unable to accept applications from individuals.

In addition, the Global Fund accepts funding applications from eligible organizations for certain pre-defined multicountry programs, as explained on our Multicountry Funding Applications page.