Applying for Funding


Applying for funding is the responsibility of the Country Coordinating Mechanism, which is a national committee that includes representatives of all sectors. Each eligible country, through its Country Coordinating Mechanism, submits funding requests for eligible disease components on behalf of the country as a whole.

Funding is available for a three-year period, known as an “allocation period.” As of January 2017, countries can apply for the 2017-2019 allocation period, and they can submit their applications during the submission windows in that three-year time frame.

What's new

The Global Fund recognizes the needs and situation in every country are different. We support countries with a population of tens of thousands and a high HIV burden through to countries with a population of tens of millions and a moderate malaria burden. So for the 2017-2019 allocation period, we introduced a differentiated application process, which allows high-quality applications to be developed efficiently.

There will be three types of applications:

  • Program continuation applications
  • Tailored review applications
  • Full review applications

Further information is available on the Funding Applications page.