Applying for Funding

Multicountry Funding Applications

The Global Fund serves the needs of countries, but diseases don’t respect borders, and sometimes the most effective solution is one that brings together several countries or regions.

Through multicountry funding, the Global Fund aims to address a limited number of key multicountry priorities, deemed critical to fulfill the aims of the Global Fund Strategy 2017-2022 and not able to be addressed through country allocations alone.

Multicountry strategic priorities

The Global Fund has identified a key multicountry strategic priority for each disease for the 2017-2019 funding cycle:

Component Multicountry strategic priority Funding (US$ millions)
Malaria Malaria elimination in low-burden countries 145
TB Finding the missed people with TB 65
HIV Sustainability of services for key populations 50
Total 260

Within each multicountry strategic priority are specific priority areas.

While several priority areas have pre-identified applicants, there will be a competitive application process for the majority of priority areas. For more detail, refer to the guidance note and frequently asked questions at the bottom of this page.

Pre-identified applicants

For the following priority areas the Global Fund will invite a pre-identified applicant to develop a funding request that addresses the defined objectives and regional focus.

Priority areas with pre-identified applicants

Priority area Application approach Submission timing Expected number of grants
Elimination of malaria in Mesoamerica and Hispaniola Pre-identified Completed 1
Elimination of malaria in Southern Africa Pre-identified August 2018 2
Elimination of malaria multidrug resistance (Regional Artemisinin-resistance Initiative) Pre-identified Completed 1
TB in mining Pre-identified Completed 1
Supranational labs in Eastern and Southern Africa Pre-identified April 2018 1
Sustainability of services for key populations in South East Asia region Pre-identified August 2018 1

Competitive application process: Requests for proposals

For priority areas with a competitive application process through requests for proposals, any eligible applicant may submit a funding request to the Global Fund.

A core part of each request for proposals will be a terms of reference document outlining the scope of the future grant(s). The Global Fund will draft a terms of reference for each priority area. The draft will then be subject to consultations. External consultations will take place through different engagement modalities. For more details, contact the respective focal points listed in our guidance note below. Numerous terms of reference will be also opened for consultations on our Terms of Reference Open for Consultation page.

Each finalized terms of reference will become an integral part of a request for proposals. Applicants will need to address the requirements reflected in the terms of reference while preparing their funding request. Requests for proposals are published on our Requests for Proposals page.

The expected number of grants for each priority area has been defined and potential applicants are encouraged to work together to prepare a joint submission that fully meets the terms of reference.

Priority areas with competitive application process

Priority area Number of requests for proposals Request(s) for proposals Submission timing Expected number of grants
Improving the quality of care and prevention for multidrug-resistant TB in Eastern Europe 1 GF-MC-2018-06: under review April 2018 1
Support Latin American and Caribbean countries transitioning from Global Fund TB financing 1 GF-MC-2018-10: under review August 2018 1
Interventions among refugees in Eastern Africa 1 GF-MC-2018-03: under review April 2018 1
Supranational laboratory in Western and Central Africa 1 GF-MC-2018-05: under review April 2018 1
Interventions among migrant and mobile population in Asia 2 GF-MC-2017-01: under review
GF-MC-2018-04: under review
April 2018 2
Sustainability of services for key populations in Latin American and Caribbean region 2 GF-MC-2018-08: under review
GF-MC-2018-09: under review
August 2018 2-3
Sustainability of services for key populations in Eastern Europe and Central Asia region 1 GF-MC-2017-02: under review April 2018 1-2
Sustainability of services for key populations in Middle East and North Africa region 1 GF-MC-2018-07: under review April 2018 1

Multicountry funding is one part of the Global Fund’s catalytic investments, which are a portion of funding for programs, activities and strategic investments not adequately accommodated through country allocations but essential to achieve the aims of the Global Fund strategy and global partner plans.