Samuel Eto’o: I Beat Malaria

in Video on 30 August 2016

Growing up in Cameroon, footballer Samuel Eto’o contracted malaria and lost friends to the disease. Every year, more than 438,000 people die of malaria – the vast majority of them children. Eto’o beat malaria and went on to become the most decorated footballer in African history.

The fight against malaria is one of the biggest success stories of the 21st century. Since 2000, the number of deaths among children under 5 has fallen by 60 percent, meaning an estimated 6.1 million deaths have been averted in this vulnerable age group. “Malaria did not beat me. Let’s not let it beat others,” says Eto’o, who has teamed up with the Global Fund as a champion in the fight against AIDS, TB and malaria. Together, we can end malaria as an epidemic for good and give millions more children the chance to grow up and live their dreams.