Lifeline During Lockdown: Delivering Medicines During COVID-19

06 July 2020

COVID-19 lockdowns are having a catastrophic impact on key and vulnerable populations. Restrictive measures are preventing some communities from accessing and affording enough food or medicine, causing disruptions to lifesaving treatments. When patients’ treatments are disrupted, they can develop drug resistance, spread the disease to others, or – in the case of HIV-positive pregnant women and new mothers – pass the illness to their babies.

In Zimbabwe, ROOTS Africa is helping address these critical needs by providing care door to door. Led by Beatrice Savadye, the organization works with community health workers and young people across the country to provide food and supplies to the poorest communities, women and girls living with disabilities, and sex workers. ROOTS Africa offers assistance to people living with HIV, delivering food parcels and negotiating travel authorizations amid the COVID-19 lockdown to deliver antiretroviral treatments and condoms.

The Global Fund Executive Director Peter Sands will spotlight the work of Beatrice and ROOTS Africa at the virtual AIDS 2020: the 23rd International AIDS Conference 6-10 July 2020.