Country Coordinating Mechanism

Eligibility & Performance Assessment

To ensure that Country Coordinating Mechanisms are able to lead effectively, they are required to carry out an annual Eligibility and Performance Assessment.

The assessment produces a complete diagnostic that includes:

  • The level of compliance with the Global Fund’s eligibility requirements and minimum standards
  • The level of functionality of the group

The Eligibility and Performance Assessment methodology consists of three pillars:

  • Pillar 1: a desk review
  • Pillar 2: a set of interviews with stakeholders
  • Pillar 3: an improvement plan

Differentiated process

There are three different assessment strategies:

  1. Standard
  2. Light
  3. Superlight

Country Coordinating Mechanisms are informed of which strategy they should apply by their Fund Portfolio Manager.

Standard strategy

The Country Coordinating Mechanism should first request technical assistance for the assessment, and this is done through their Fund Portfolio Manager.

Once the technical assistance provider is involved, each Country Coordinating Mechanism will carry out their own desk review (Pillar 1), and the technical assistance provider will facilitate. The provider will assist the Country Coordinating Mechanism in interpreting the indicators.

Next, the technical assistance provider will assist with Pillar 2 (the interviews with various stakeholders).

Once the interviews have been carried out and the self-assessment has been completed, the Country Coordinating Mechanism and the technical assistance provider will work together to develop an improvement plan, which will also be reviewed by the Global Fund.

In cases where an improvement plan has been put in place, the Global Fund will assess the progress made on the improvement plan when the Country Coordinating Mechanism submits its funding application. If outstanding issues have not been addressed, the country will not be eligible for funding.

A sample terms of reference for technical assistance to facilitate the evaluation is available below.

Light and superlight strategies

The light and the superlight strategies are simplified versions and include only the self-assessment and the improvement plan (Pillars 1 and 3).

The Country Coordinating Mechanisms implementing the light strategy must comply with both the six eligibility requirements and the minimum standards, while countries using the superlight strategy need only meet the eligibility requirements.

Once a Country Coordinating Mechanism is fully compliant, it will receive “Country Coordinating Mechanism Eligibility Clearance,” valid for one year, which allows them to submit a funding request without having to go through the Country Coordinating Mechanism eligibility screening process.

In those cases where a Country Coordinating Mechanism is found to be non-compliant, the Country Coordinating Mechanism will need to develop an improvement plan and submit it to the Global Fund. We will then determine if the improvement plan is reasonable and acceptable, prior to the country submitting a funding request. Not following the improvement plan will affect current and future funding.


We welcome feedback from Country Coordinating Mechanisms on the Eligibility and Performance Assessment. Please complete the feedback form listed below and submit it to . Feedback can be submitted anonymously.