Country Coordinating Mechanism

The Global Fund / John Rae


Providing oversight to funding request development, grant negotiation, grant implementation and grant closure is considered an essential function of the Country Coordinating Mechanism. Country Coordinating Mechanisms are, in fact, required to have an oversight plan in place.

The core principle of oversight is to ensure that resources – financial and human – are being used efficiently and effectively for the benefit of the country.


The Country Coordinating Mechanism and the Principal Recipient have complementary roles in oversight. The Country Coordinating Mechanism’s role is to focus on the "big picture" and ensure that performance-based funding is on track. However, the focus should not be on the day-to-day details of grant implementation. The Principal Recipient’s responsibility is to monitor and evaluate the implementation of grants.


The oversight tool uses existing data, including the information in the Progress Update/Disbursement Request, to provide an overview of performance in real time:

Additional tools to support oversight are on our Management Tools page. More resources will be available with the rollout of Country Coordinating Mechanism Evolution.