Fighting HIV, TB, Malaria and COVID-19 US$5 Billion Urgently Needed to Continue the Fight

COVID-19 is having a catastrophic impact on the most vulnerable communities around the world and threatens to roll-back progress against HIV, TB and malaria. The Global Fund has made more than US$1 billion available to countries as part of our immediate response. Our partnership urgently needs US$5 billion to continue the fight.

The Global Fund urgently needs US$5 billion to continue to fight COVID-19, protect health workers and systems for health, and defend progress against HIV, TB and malaria in the countries where we invest.

A proven model to fight infectious disease and save lives

The Global Fund is the world’s trusted, proven partnership fighting major infectious disease at scale around the world.

As the world responds to COVID-19, we must adapt and leverage the strengths of the Global Fund, both to fight COVID-19 itself, and to mitigate the impact on HIV, TB and malaria. These strengths include:

  • Building resilient and sustainable systems for health
  • Community engagement
  • Fighting human rights and gender barriers to health
  • Private sector engagement
  • Effective procurement systems and economies of scale
  • Supply chain and logistics
  • Rigorous monitoring and well-established systems
  • Dedicated COVID-19 rapid response mechanism


The fights against COVID-19, HIV, TB and malaria are one and the same. We must #UniteToFight them all. The Global Fund is doing just that in the countries where we invest. Learn more about the decisive actions we're taking together with our partners and the people at the frontlines.

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“The stakes are extraordinarily high. The knock-on effects of COVID-19 on the fight against HIV, TB and malaria and other infectious diseases could be catastrophic. Mitigating that impact will require swift action, extraordinary levels of leadership and collaboration, and significant extra resources. Above all, we must leave no one behind.”
Peter Sands, Executive Director of the Global Fund

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Published 15 December 2020