Diagnostics Procurement

The Global Fund is working closely with key partners, international organizations, governments and technical agencies through a World Health Organization-led consortium to rapidly and equitably support access to COVID-19 health products and diagnostics for low- and middle-income countries.

COVID-19: Adquisición de productos de diagnóstico
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WHO has allocated initial COVID-19 diagnostic volumes from major manufacturers to 140 countries based on expected product availability and has communicated these volumes through their country offices.

Given the challenges in securing these diagnostic products, the Global Fund aims to follow the WHO allocation model for all its implementing countries and allow the use of grant funds, including COVID-19 Response Mechanism funds, for the purchase of diagnostic products up to the allocation amount. Read more

Placing orders

The Global Fund has developed the Accelerated Order Mechanism to support countries in the purchase of COVID-19 diagnostics. As lead procurer of automated COVID-19 diagnostics from Cepheid and Abbott, all eligible countries will be able to access these through the Global Fund’s Supply Operations Department.

The Accelerated Order Mechanism is a rapid process to quickly process and approve requests for Abbott and Cepheid COVID-19 diagnostics within three days of receipt of request.

The process is outlined in our questions and answers document:

The Supply Operations Department will reach out to initiate an order when a country’s COVID-19 Response Mechanism funding request is received, but the order cannot be formally processed or issued until the funding is approved and grant funding has been earmarked in Principal Recipients with approved funding under grant flexibilities may submit a request through as soon as funding is confirmed, or, if not registered to, may contact their Country Teams to start the order process.