New Window for C19RM Funding Requests

10 June 2021

Responding to a request from applicants and partners, the Secretariat has now opened an additional window for submissions on Friday 16 July 2021.

Window 5 is intended for a small number of applicants who require more time to complete quality and prioritized applications, including for CCM endorsements, engagement of technical partners, national COVID-19 response coordinating bodies and community organizations, as well as ensuring submission of complete documentation. The Global Fund is not expecting to open additional windows after window 5.

We strongly encourage applicants whose funding requests are complete to submit them in the windows that they originally planned for, reserving Window 5 for those applicants who need more time to complete their requests in line with country contexts and programmatic needs.

Quality and complete submissions allow the Global Fund Secretariat to initiate reviews of individual funding requests within a week and maintain speed and agility in communicating funding outcomes to applicants.