CCM Support and Engagement

In 2021, ensuring inclusive engagement and dialogue with civil society and community representatives to prepare funding requests is a priority for the Global Fund. Countries should seek opportunities to enhance coordination with national COVID-19 response bodies and other bilateral/multilateral actors in country.

For this reason, the Global Fund is immediately making available additional funding of up to 25% of the CCM’s 2021 budget. These funds can support:

  • increased staff/short-term consultancy on engagement and coordination.
  • real (or virtual) consultation processes.

For more information on strengthening community engagement, see:


Funding requests are expected to be developed through multi-sectoral consultation, with fully inclusive decision-making. This means engaging partners and communities, including those most impacted by COVID-19 which may be different than those for HIV, TB and malaria.

Applicants must also coordinate with the national COVID-19 response coordinating body and other in-country COVID-19 response partners. We recommend applicants meet with national COVID-19 authorities and partners, to plan concrete steps to develop and submit C19RM Funding Request(s) on time.

COVID-19 Guidance Notes