Refocusing C19RM Investments

The Global Fund supports implementing countries to adapt existing COVID-19 Response Mechanism (C19RM) investments to their needs in a dynamic pandemic context. The COVID-19 pandemic is not yet over and investments are still needed to fight against the three diseases, strengthen health systems and prepare for possible future outbreaks.

Principal Recipients of C19RM funding are asked to adapt C19RM funding and interventions to evolving country circumstances. As the pandemic evolves, countries are able to reinvest potentially unutilized funds and better optimize the impact of C19RM investments.

Priority Investment Areas

Reinvestments need to remain within the scope of the three C19RM areas:

  1. COVID-19 control and containment interventions
    Investing in new COVID-19 responses, including novel therapeutics and self-testing, as well as existing interventions such as decentralized COVID-19 testing within the broad scope of C19RM.
  2. COVID-19-related risk mitigation measures for programs to fight HIV, TB and malaria
    Including additional freight, warehousing and distribution costs of getting health products to people.
  3. Expanded reinforcement of key aspects of health systems
    Reinforcement of health systems and infrastructure (including data systems, laboratory strengthening and integration, supply chain, and waste management) to support HIV, TB and malaria interventions and boost the health systems response across a spectrum of epidemic scenarios.

Information about Concrete Refocusing Measures

For an overview of concrete refocusing measures of C19RM investments in your country, please refer to our Operational Update released on 20 May 2022.

For a broader guidance with step-by-step explanations about specific country requirements, please refer to: