Funding Model

Funding Applications

For the 2017-2019 allocation period, the Global Fund is using a differentiated application process. Countries are informed of which process they should use by the Global Fund.

There are three main types of application approaches:

  • Program continuation dramatically simplifies the funding request process for well-performing programs recently reviewed by the Technical Review Panel, and those that do not require a significant program change.
  • Tailored review funding request documentation is specifically designed for four different circumstances: challenging operating environments, programs transitioning out of Global Fund support, countries identified for innovative approaches such as national strategy-based pilots, and countries seeking material program changes.
  • Full review is a comprehensive overall review of a program’s approach and strategic priorities.

In some cases the application approach is firm: those countries that are in their last allocation period must follow the transition tailored review approach. However, all other applicants may choose to register for a full review if they believe an overall change is needed for their program.

The funding application describes what the country plans to use the funding for, and the impact these programs will deliver. The funding request is developed and submitted by the Country Coordinating Mechanism on behalf of all of the organizations and relevant groups in the country.

A joint or separate funding request may be developed for each eligible disease and to strengthen health systems. Countries are required to develop their funding requests through a consultative process, and must demonstrate the funding request is aligned with the country’s national strategic plan for the disease. Countries with a high TB and HIV co-infection rate are required to submit one joint funding request that combines the responses to both diseases.

This process allows high-quality funding requests to be developed efficiently, freeing up time and resources to focus on the implementation of grants.