Funding Model

The Global Fund / John Rae


A country’s funding request is turned into one or more grants through a process called “grant-making.” The Country Coordinating Mechanism and the Global Fund work with the organization nominated to implement the grant, a “Principal Recipient,” to prepare a grant, which sets out how and when the activities in the grant will be implemented and evaluated.


During grant-making, Principal Recipients and the Global Fund will:

  • Identify gaps and risks related to grant implementation and determine mitigation measures
  • Review and agree on implementation arrangements and plans
  • Develop and negotiate key grant documents

Master data

The Global Fund calls “master data” information related to our partner organizations, including those to which we disburse funding. The information is logged in the Partner Portal system most often during grant-making, the preparation of a grant. The information is captured by Global Fund systems to ensure the right data are stored before the creation of the legally-binding grant document and before the disbursement of funding.

Country Coordinating Mechanisms, Principal Recipients, lead implementers and other authorized users of the system are ultimately responsible for maintaining their information, including the organization information, contact details, banking information, signatory authorizations and access rights.

The Global Fund reviews and validates all changes to master data.

Partner Portal

The Global Fund Partner Portal is an online platform that serves as a central point of information entry and document sharing linked to the management of grants. The Partner Portal is accessible to Country Coordinating Mechanisms, Principal Recipients and lead implementers.

The Partner Portal is not available to the public and has specific security settings for each type of user. Users sign into the portal using the user name and password provided by the Global Fund. Users who have forgotten their user name and/or password should contact .