Catalytic multicountry funding

The Global Fund serves the needs of countries, but diseases don’t respect borders. Sometimes the most effective solution is one that brings together several countries or regions. Through multicountry funding, the Global Fund addresses a limited number of key multicountry priorities deemed critical to fulfill the aims of the Global Fund strategy. These catalytic investments complement those made through our allocation methodology

Catalytic multicountry strategic priorities for 2020-2022 funding cycle

Component Catalytic multicountry strategic priorities Funding
(US$ M)
Malaria Malaria elimination in Southern Africa 20
Addressing drug resistance in the Greater Mekong Sub-region 120
TB TB multicountry approach 40
HIV Key populations and sustainability multicountry Approach 50
Total 230

For some priority areas applicants were pre-identified for continuation or pre-shaping and the Global Fund invited them to develop a funding request that addressed the approved priority area and regional focus. For other priority areas, there was a competitive process allowing potential applicants to respond to a Request for Proposal (RFP). In all these cases, there was appropriate dialogue with relevant stakeholders, related to the scale and scope of the approach.

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Watch a webinar on Requests for Proposals for Catalytic Multicountry funding as part of our iLearn series on the 2020-2022 funding cycle.

Priority areas for continuation or pre-shaping

  • Tuberculosis

    Priority area Application approach Expected number of grants
    Interventions among refugees in Eastern Africa (IGAD) Continuation 1
    Interventions among migrants & mobile populations in Asia:
    Interventions for Afghan refugees, returnees and mobile population in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iran
    Continuation 1
    Interventions among migrants and mobile populations in Asia:
    the Greater Mekong
    Continuation 1
    Supranational labs in Eastern and Southern Africa (ECSA) Continuation 1
    Supranational laboratory in Western and Central Africa Continuation 1
    Supranational labs in Latin America and the Caribbean (ORAS) Pre-shaping 1
    Regional TB in the Mining Sector Initiative (TIMS) Pre-shaping  1
  • Malaria

  • HIV

Competitive application process: request for proposal

For priority areas with a competitive application process, a Request for Proposal (RFP) was published on the Global Fund website. These RFPs included specific Terms of Reference (TORs) that the applicant was required to address in their funding request. RFPs were published approximately 3-4 months prior to the expected submission window in order to allow for robust regional dialogue.

The Technical Review Panel assessed pre-shaping and full review funding requests and RFPs that met minimum application and eligibility criteria, and for RFPs they identified the strongest proposal that aligned with the TORs for each priority area. Potential applicants were encouraged to work together to jointly present a comprehensive and compelling proposal that fully met the TORs.

Priority areas with a competitive application process

Disease Priority area Application approach RFP Published Expected submission timing Expected number of grants
HIV Sustainability of services for key populations in Eastern Europe and Central Asia (EECA) region RFP January 2021 30 April 2021 1
Sustainability of services for key populations in South East Asia RFP May 2021 10 September 2021 1

Guidance for multicountry applicants

This guidance is relevant for catalytic multicountry priorities for which continuation, pre-shaping or RFP is the assigned application approach:

Multicountry Continuation

Materials for multicountry grants defined as "Continuation" with minor or no changes from previous funding cycles.

Multicountry Pre-Shaping

Materials for multicountry grants defined as "Pre-Shaping.