Funding Model

Register of Unfunded Quality Demand

Countries are encouraged to include with their funding application to the Global Fund a request to fund priority programs that should be fully funded but cannot be because of limited resources. This “prioritized above allocation request” is reviewed by the Technical Review. Strategically focused and technically sound interventions are then registered as “unfunded quality demand.” These interventions are often funded through savings or efficiencies during grant-making, and can also be funded through additional resources that may become available during the cycle.

There is a register linked to each funding cycle. Interventions remain active on the register until the end of the corresponding “allocation utilization period” for a country component, within a funding cycle. Watch our Global Fund Cycles video to learn about this period. If an unfunded intervention from the 2017-2019 register is still a priority, countries must submit it again for the Technical Review Panel to confirm it continues to be a strategically focused and technically sound investment. Once assessed as unfunded quality demand, it can then be added to the 2020-2022 register.

The register takes the form of an Excel tool that can be searched and analyzed by region, country, component and intervention to help potential donors more easily identify areas of need. The Global Fund strongly encourages all donors to consider providing additional contributions to fund interventions on the register. See our Filling Critical Gaps page.