Funding Model


Grant-making is a key step in translating a funding request into a grant agreement. Once approval has been given for a funding request to proceed to grant-making, countries should aim to complete this step between five to eight months.

During grant-making, Principal Recipient(s) and the Global Fund will:

  1. Identify capacity gaps and risks related to grant implementation and determine mitigation measures;
  2. Review and agree on implementation arrangements and plans, including implications of standard terms and conditions; and
  3. Develop and negotiate key grant documents.

These tools and templates will be completed as part of the grant-making process:

  • Implementation arrangements map (existing Principal Recipients will update the current map)
  • Performance framework
  • Capacity assessment tool (for new Principal Recipients only)
  • Health products, quantities and related costs template
  • Detailed budget template
  • Principal Recipient information

Implementation arrangement mapping

This shows who will be doing what, and with what portion of grant funds. It allows Principal Recipients to map which organizations will take on which components of the grant and the flow of funds to these organizations. For example, one sub-recipient might be responsible for training peer counselors, while another may be tasked with the delivery of home-based care. It allows the Principal Recipient to clearly outline implementation arrangements and set a budget against each intervention or implementer.

Performance Framework

The performance framework is a document that sets out exactly how the progress of the grant will be measured, and the results expected. Based on the approved funding request, each Principal Recipient will determine the indicators that their performance will be measured against, and together with the country team, will determine a target and a timeline for each indicator.

Capacity Assessment Tool

The Global Fund (with support from the Local Fund Agent as necessary) will assess the capacity of new Principal Recipient(s) that are proposed to implement the grant. (The Global Fund can also choose to carry out a capacity assessment of existing Principal Recipients based on risk or capacity analyses.) It can be started prior to grant-making but it must be completed prior to approval of the grant. Any other new key implementers should also be assessed.

Health products

Where relevant to the grant, Principal Recipients will make a detailed list of the products they intend to purchase with grant funds, including any related procurement and supply management costs. This plan should also outline the underlying assumptions used to determine the quantities shown in the plan. The health products, quantities and related costs must be aligned with the detailed budget that is submitted at the same time.


The detailed grant budget is based on the same list of modules which was used to develop the funding request. Under each module there is a list of interventions, and these interventions include cost inputs. This information will serve as the basis for the budget. The total amount of the budget should be aligned with the total amount of cumulative funding approved; that is, the portion of the allocation attributed to the grant, and any prioritized above-allocation request.

Principal Recipient information

A critical step prior to Board approval is receiving the Principal Recipient data.

The signatory information template provides basic information on the organization, such as name, type and address of the organization, authorized signatories, focal point and fiscal year.

  • Principal Recipient Signatory Information Template

The bank information form provides the bank account details including the name and contact information (telephone number and/or email address) of the bank manager for verification of the details.

As managing and implementing the grant will ultimately be the responsibility of the Principal Recipient, the Principal Recipient will work closely with the Global Fund’s country team to negotiate the grant documents. The Country Coordinating Mechanism, the Local Fund Agent, civil society organizations, representatives of key populations, technical partners and other stakeholders will be consulted, as relevant.

At the end of grant-making, the final grants are reviewed by the Grant Approvals Committee of the Secretariat before being presented to the Global Fund Board for final approval.