Funding Model

Management Tools

Effectively and efficiently managing grants is crucial to achieving our mission. To help countries monitor and improve their grant performance, we offer a set of tools for Principal Recipients, sub-recipients and Country Coordinating Mechanisms to use. Their use is recommended but not mandatory.

How the tools work

Each of the four management tools takes the form of an application to enter data and/or an application to visualize progress. The tools link to each other, sharing data and forming a flow of information to the Country Coordinating Mechanism. The information can also be of use to stakeholders like governments, development partners and Local Fund Agents.

Grant Management Solutions, SAP and the Global Fund developed the tools as a partnership.

Getting started

To determine which tool a particular stakeholder should use, refer to this table:

Stakeholder Management tool
Principal Recipient
With traditional grants or with multicountry grants with simple implementation arrangements
Principal Recipient Management Dashboard
Principal Recipient
With multicountry grants with complex implementation arrangements
Regional Dashboard
Country Coordinating Mechanism Country Coordinating Mechanism Summary
Sub-recipient Sub-recipient Management Tool

The tools are available for download on this page. Given their complexity, technical support is required to use them. You can request support from a bilateral provider on our Technical Cooperation page, with the Fund Portfolio Manager in copy, or directly to the Fund Portfolio Manager.

If you have questions, email or refer to our frequently asked questions. The document also contains a link to the latest required SAP software:

  • Frequently Asked Questions and Troubleshooting on the Management Tools
    download in English

Principal Recipient Management Dashboard

This dashboard is a user-friendly, visual way to monitor the progress and performance of a Principal Recipient’s grants. Through color coding and drill-down features, the Principal Recipient can view the performance of sub-recipients, detect problems and make improvements. The dashboard displays management, financial, procurement and supply management, and programmatic indicators forming each grant’s vital signs. Data collected from sub-recipients are uploaded into the dashboard for analysis and decision-making.

Watch our introductory video Cutting Edge Technology Meets Effective Grant Management for more.

The dashboard can also be configured for a Principal Recipient with a multicounty grant that has only one implementer per country. This version is called the Principal Recipient Management Dashboard for Regional Grants.

Regional Dashboard

This dashboard allows a Principal Recipient with a certain type of multicountry grant to visualize information needed for grant performance monitoring, analysis and decision-making. The dashboard includes a map showing the region, a visualization of progress and an action plan to help record decisions.

The dashboard is for a Principal Recipient with a multicountry grant that has complex implementation arrangements, such as with regional sub-recipients or other combinations of implementers.

Country Coordinating Mechanism Summary

This tool provides a Country Coordinating Mechanism and its oversight body a user-friendly, visual snapshot of the performance of its grants. Through color coding and drill-down features, the tool shows the status of grant performance for all Principal Recipients in the country through financial indicators, procurement and supply management parameters and programmatic indicators. It helps monitor progress on achieving objectives and helps identify bottlenecks in implementation so corrective actions can be taken to improve performance.

For a Country Coordinating Mechanism to use the tool, at least one Principal Recipient must use the Principal Recipient Management Dashboard.

This tool complements the Country Coordinating Mechanism Oversight Tool, which is for Country Coordinating Mechanisms managing simple grants or whose Principal Recipients do not use the Principal Recipient Management Dashboard.

Sub-Recipient Management Tool

This tool allows a sub-recipient to track and review programmatic and financial data for a grant on a monthly and quarterly basis. The tool standardizes the data and automatically produces reports to be sent to the Principal Recipient for its dashboard and reporting.

To access this tool, send a request to a bilateral provider on our Technical Cooperation page, with the Fund Portfolio Manager in copy, or directly to the Fund Portfolio Manager.