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The Global Fund / Karin Schermbrucker

The Global Fund partnership has saved 38 million lives since 2002, including 6 million in 2019 alone. This represents a 20% increase in the number of lives saved compared to the previous year – remarkable progress resulting from increased efficiencies in service delivery, success in finding and treating more people with lifesaving medicine, cost savings on health products, and improved collaboration across the Global Fund partnership.

Overall, deaths caused by AIDS, TB and malaria each year have been reduced by nearly 50% since the peak of the epidemics in countries where the Global Fund invests.


The fight against HIV and AIDS – the most recent deadly pandemic before COVID-19 – demonstrates how a united world, led by strong communities, can work together to drive a disease into retreat.

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The Global Fund / Vincent Becker
The Global Fund / Ricci Shryock


Once a global pandemic, TB remains the world’s leading infectious disease killer, preying on poor and marginalized communities.

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In the fight against malaria, another disease that was once a global pandemic, the number of deaths worldwide continues to decline – however, the reductions in malaria mortality rates and number of cases have slowed markedly.

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UNDP Guinea-Bissau/ Gwenn Dubourthoumieu

In the shadow of COVID-19

The Global Fund’s 2019 results show considerable progress in saving lives and fighting HIV, TB and malaria. However, the COVID-19 pandemic threatens to reverse the extraordinary gains made in the fight against the three epidemics.

Fighting COVID-19 and the impact of the new pandemic on the countries most affected by HIV, TB and malaria requires swift action, extraordinary levels of leadership and collaboration, and significant resources.

We must recognize that this is not just a fight against a single virus, but a fight to protect and save lives from multiple infectious diseases. We must support efforts to combat COVID-19 while sustaining the unfinished fights against HIV, TB and malaria. We must unite to fight. Learn more

Results through data

Dollars contributed, mosquito nets distributed, programs implemented by the private sector – many factors contribute to saving lives. Our partnership's results take many forms, and we measure them through data. Harness that data through the Global Fund Data Explorer.


Our results methodology

Everyone in the Global Fund partnership contributes to our collective efforts against HIV, TB and malaria, and it is critically important that we measure and report our joint progress as effectively as possible.

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The Global Fund / Quinn Ryan Mattingly
The Global Fund / Vincent Becker

Sustainable Development Goals

The Global Fund’s mission to end AIDS, TB and malaria as epidemics is aligned with Sustainable Development Goal 3: Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages. Our partnership’s results directly contribute to progress toward this and other goals.

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Explore more results in our fight against AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria around the world.

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Published 14 September 2020