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    Amid COVID-19, Communities Continue Fight against Other Pandemics
    12 May 2020
    At the International AIDS conference in 2000 I joined an activist community that barreled through the streets of Durban demanding universal access to HIV treatment. At the time, the treatment was only accessible to the rich – it cost more than US$10,...
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    The Threat to Africa
    07 April 2020
    Covid-19 is like a drama in which each act eclipses the one before. First, it was Wuhan. Then it moved to Europe. Now it’s accelerating in the United States. But the act that could overshadow all is when Covid-19 takes off in Africa.
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    Re-thinking Global Health Security
    27 March 2020
    As the G7 and G20 strive to coordinate the global response to the COVID-19 crisis, policymakers are being bombarded with proposals about creating new funds, new institutions, and new initiatives, all requiring billions of dollars.
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    When Finance Fails: Why Economists Didn’t See a Coronavirus Collapse Coming
    25 March 2020
    If being the CEO of a major international bank and now the head of a global health organization has taught me one thing, it’s that there’s a chasm of mutual incomprehension between the worlds of global finance and global health.
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    Fighting Tuberculosis: Lessons for COVID-19
    23 March 2020
    As governments around the world struggle to contain spiraling infections and an ever-increasing death toll from COVID-19, it’s worth reflecting on what lessons we can draw from the long and still unfinished fight against tuberculosis – the world’s mo...
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    Women Leading the Fight for Better Health
    06 March 2020
    In communities around the globe, women are on the frontlines of the fight against HIV, TB and malaria, as they strive to bring health to all. Women represent nearly 70 percent of the world’s community health workers, but their contributions too often...