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    Living through lockdown
    09 November 2020
    Using social media to help marginalized groups get HIV services during COVID-19...
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    It All Starts with Testing
    05 November 2020
    In the fight against COVID-19, it all starts with testing. Today, testing is the only effective tool for containing the pandemic to save lives and allow economies to reopen safely. Tomorrow, it will be needed to enable the success of global vaccinati...
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    Removing Human Rights Barriers to Health: Findings and Lessons
    04 November 2020
    Programs to remove human rights barriers to HIV, TB and malaria services are essential to increasing the effectiveness of Global Fund grants. Such programs help to ensure health services reach those most affected by the three diseases. The Global Fun...
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    Strategy Development Open Consultation: First Round of Input
    30 October 2020
    Approximately 250 individuals and groups have contributed to the first round of input into the Open Consultation on the development of the next Global Fund Strategy, a multiyear road map for our partnership’s future. Input is synthesized in a new pre...
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    Results Report 2020 Executive Summary and Translations
    15 October 2020
    An executive summary and translations of the Global Fund Results Report 2020 are now available for download...
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    Global Fund and Chevron: United Against HIV, TB and Malaria
    05 October 2020
    The Global Fund and Chevron Corporation have celebrated a 12-year partnership that served as an example of the private sector’s contribution to the fight against infectious diseases and to building resilient health systems...
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    Data Agility: A Fashionable Term, or a Game Changer for Global Health?
    13 January 2022
    In the past two years, the COVID-19 pandemic and responses to it have caused a massive disruption of essential health services, especially those supporting prevention, diagnosis and treatment of HIV, tuberculosis (TB) and malaria. Despite global effo...
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    Reflecting on 2021
    20 December 2021
    The COVID-19 pandemic continued to dominate all aspects of life this past year – tragically claiming millions of lives, straining health systems and worsening existing inequalities. For the first time in the Global Fund’s 20-year history, progress wa...
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    World AIDS Day 2021
    01 December 2021
    This year marks 40 years since the first cases of AIDS were reported, and 20 years since the world created the Global Fund to help defeat HIV. In that time, over 77 million people have become infected with HIV and over 36 million have died from AIDS-...
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    The Next Chapter of Our Fight Against HIV
    01 December 2021
    Pandemics exacerbate and thrive on inequity. They find the fissures in our societies and deepen them. As a result, the poorest and most marginalized always suffer the most.
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    Self-testing: A Vital Tool To End HIV
    29 November 2021
    My first assignment out of medical school was in Burkina Faso. This was in 2004, at the peak of the AIDS epidemic, and it was my first contact with the disease in sub-Saharan Africa.
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    In Ukraine, Voices From the Front Lines, Fighting Inequality To End AIDS
    29 November 2021
    Over the last two decades, the world has made tremendous progress in the fight against HIV. In countries where the Global Fund invests, AIDS-related deaths have dropped by 65% since the Global Fund was founded 20 years ago. But progress has not been ...