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    COVID-19 Response: Corticosteroids Procurement
    08 September 2020
    Following the World Health Organization guidance Corticosteroids for COVID-19 from 2 September, the Global Fund has confirmed that corticosteroids can be funded through Global Fund grants...
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    Qatar Increases its Contribution to the Global Fund Fivefold
    03 September 2020
    Qatar and the Global Fund today signed a multi-year contribution agreement for US$50 million for 2020-2022, strengthening their partnership in fighting infectious diseases and in building resilient systems for health...
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    COVID-19 Response: Preventing Fraud and Abuse
    27 August 2020
    The COVID-19 pandemic is leaving Global Fund programs more vulnerable to wrongdoing. The Global Fund Office of the Inspector General introduces a number of common fraud schemes and provides guidance on how to prevent fraud and abuse...
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    An Urgent Plea from a South African Health Worker Fighting COVID-19 and TB
    21 August 2020
    In Cape Town, South Africa, Nombasa Krune-Dumile, a drug-resistant tuberculosis counselor who has dedicated her life to supporting tuberculosis (TB) patients, says COVID-19 has devastated health systems and upended normal operations of her work...
  • Other Updates
    E-Learning Course on Phishing: Business E-mail Compromise
    20 August 2020
    The scale and intensity of cyber-attacks and fraudulent financial transactions are growing fast in the current COVID-19 crisis. The Global Fund is making available an online Phishing Training course to be taken by all PR; SR and CCM staff involved in...
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    The Fight Continues Against Tuberculosis
    19 August 2020
    The COVID-19 pandemic is having a catastrophic impact on the most vulnerable communities around the world and threatens progress against HIV, tuberculosis and malaria. As the world responds, the work of the Global Fund partnership continues. Communit...
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    Data Agility: A Fashionable Term, or a Game Changer for Global Health?
    13 January 2022
    In the past two years, the COVID-19 pandemic and responses to it have caused a massive disruption of essential health services, especially those supporting prevention, diagnosis and treatment of HIV, tuberculosis (TB) and malaria. Despite global effo...
  • Feature Stories
    Reflecting on 2021
    20 December 2021
    The COVID-19 pandemic continued to dominate all aspects of life this past year – tragically claiming millions of lives, straining health systems and worsening existing inequalities. For the first time in the Global Fund’s 20-year history, progress wa...
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    World AIDS Day 2021
    01 December 2021
    This year marks 40 years since the first cases of AIDS were reported, and 20 years since the world created the Global Fund to help defeat HIV. In that time, over 77 million people have become infected with HIV and over 36 million have died from AIDS-...
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    The Next Chapter of Our Fight Against HIV
    01 December 2021
    Pandemics exacerbate and thrive on inequity. They find the fissures in our societies and deepen them. As a result, the poorest and most marginalized always suffer the most.
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    Self-testing: A Vital Tool To End HIV
    29 November 2021
    My first assignment out of medical school was in Burkina Faso. This was in 2004, at the peak of the AIDS epidemic, and it was my first contact with the disease in sub-Saharan Africa.
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    In Ukraine, Voices From the Front Lines, Fighting Inequality To End AIDS
    29 November 2021
    Over the last two decades, the world has made tremendous progress in the fight against HIV. In countries where the Global Fund invests, AIDS-related deaths have dropped by 65% since the Global Fund was founded 20 years ago. But progress has not been ...