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    Drug-resistant TB: A Growing Global Health Threat
    29 March 2017
    Emerging superbugs that can resist even the most powerful antibiotics and medical treatments present one of the biggest global health threats in history - By Jon Lomøy and Mark Dybul
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    A (RED) iPhone 7
    23 March 2017
    Apple announced a special edition iPhone 7, with a vibrant red aluminum finish, a crowning achievement in Apple’s partnership with (RED). Every purchase of this special edition (PRODUCT) RED iPhone – available starting on 24 March – means a contribut...
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    Q&A: Lucica Ditiu and Mohammed Yassin on Millions of Missing TB Patients
    21 March 2017
    For World TB Day 2017, we asked Dr. Lucica Ditiu, Executive Director of the Stop TB Partnership, and Dr. Mohammed Yassin, Senior Disease Advisor for TB at the Global Fund, questions about current efforts to combat TB and the crisis of millions of mis...
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    World TB Day: Tracking a Contagion
    20 March 2017
    How do you stop lethal bacteria from devastating the most vulnerable communities? On World TB Day, we shine a light on urgent efforts needed to find the “missing cases” of tuberculosis – millions of people that go undiagnosed, untreated or unreported...
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    To End HIV Epidemic, Listen to the Youth
    08 March 2017
    I grew up in Africa in the ’90s, a period now often called the continent’s lost decade. It is a decade that many Africans associate with tanking economies, civil strife, senseless slaughter, and devastating epidemics.
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    Rebuilding Health Care in the Shadow of Ebola
    20 February 2017
    Sierra Leone, a low-income country, was recovering from the effects of a civil war when the Ebola virus erupted in 2014. The disease decimated communities and devastated the country’s already fragile health infrastructure.